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Artist Statement

Segmented woodturning is an art form with few limitations. By combining components, I can create just about any shape or size and by arranging different wood species, I can create just about any type of surface design. There are few art forms with this much freedom. This lack of restriction keeps my mind engaged contemplating the possibilities. Long before I have finished one piece, my mind is busy designing and solving the technical challenges of my next project. I have always loved working with wood and this art form gives me the opportunity to work with woods from around the world. It thereby gives me the opportunity to share these wonderful materials with many people. Beautiful wood is almost a magical substance; gallery visitors experience an uncontrollable urge to touch the surfaces that I have created using these treasures of nature. Many designs require innovative assembly solutions, much like puzzle solving; and just like the joy of solving a puzzle, there is great joy in inventing assembly techniques. I do what I do because "it's fun" - the designing, the joy of working with wood, the puzzle solving, and the inter-action with other people.

Malcolm Tibbetts, 738 Modesto Ave, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 malcolm@tahoeturner.com ©2004