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the art of segmented wood turning

The Complete Wood Turner’s Package

Get the book and complete set of DVD’s. Includes the book, The Art of Segmented Wood Turning and all 7 instructional DVD’s (Volumes 1 and 3-8. Volume 2 no longer available).

“He is not kidding when he says A Step-by-Step Guide”.
“Photos of his jig constructions are nearly self explanatory.”
“This is a must have book.”


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segmented wood turning

BOOK: The Art of Segmented Wood Turning

This book, published by Linden Publishing, is in full color and includes both novice instruction and advanced techniques.

Table of Contents

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In addition to my book, I have now produced 8 DVDs.
These instructional DVDs are all two hours long and offer countless techniques and methods of work.

Lessons in Segmented Woodturning Book

DVD Volume 1: Getting Started

This 2-hour DVD has been created for woodturners who want to take their woodturning to the next level. Anyone with minimal woodturning and woodworking skills will be able to produce stunning turnings with these techniques. For the more experienced segmenter, there are numerous “methods of work” to help improve and speed the assembly of segmented constructions.


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Volumes 1 & 2 Promo

lessons in segmented woodturning volume 2

DVD Volume 2: Tips, Tricks, and Feature Rings

This 2-hour DVD is mostly about “feature rings” – various ways to enhance segmented vessels. Detailed instruction is offered on all the styles of work that are shown on the front cover. The techniques shown should provide the tools to take your segmented turning to the next level.


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lessons in segmented wood turning volume 3

DVD Volume 3: Exploring Possibilities

I’ve created Volume Three for the experienced segmenter and woodworker. In this DVD, I offer a variety of techniques such as Compound-Mitered Staves, Ribbons, Icosahedrons, Tubular Construction, and what I call a Ribbon Bowl. I’ve taken many basic “methods of work” to a new place and therefore, hopefully have provided the tools and inspiration for others to take their own work in new directions.


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lessons in segmented wood turning volume four

DVD Volume 4: Functional Projects

Eight projects are profiled. They are: an outdoor birdhouse, picture frames, an oil lamp, paperweights, salt and pepper shakers, a wine cooler, ice cream scoops, and a unique type of baby rattle.


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Volume 4 and 5 Promo

lessons in segmented wood turning volume five

DVD Volume 5: More Functional Projects

The projects are: a child’s stacking toy, mass-produced desk clocks, a very unique set of candle holders, kaleidoscopes, a salad bowl set, serving bowls using leftovers, a banksia pod bracelet, and belt buckle with inter-changeable components.


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lessons in segmented wood turning volume 6

DVD Volume 6: Special Boxes

These boxes are indeed special. The first one is a “segmented” version of Allan Batty’s famous “Secret Box”. The construction will challenge your turning skills. The second project is based upon the “Cryptex” container that was featured in the movie and book, “The Da Vinci Code”. This is a challenge to create and it can be a challenge for your friends to open.


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lessons in segmented wood turning volume seven

DVD Volume 7: Jewelry

In this DVD, I present over 20 different styles of jewelry. Most items can be created with minimal turning and woodworking skills; although, there are a few techniques that will challenge even the very experienced segmenter. There are many types of earrings, three very different styles of bracelets, belt buckles, bolo ties, and a couple of unique necklaces. Even if you are not interested in jewelry making, I think most segmenters will find techniques that they can incorporate into other styles of work.


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Volume 7 Promo

lessons in segmented wood turning volume eight

DVD Volume 8: Furnishings

In this DVD, I present four very different large-scale projects. There are a number of techniques that I have not previously shown and these methods can be incorporated into many other projects of your own design. The lessons include a set of knick-knack shelves, two very different glass-topped coffee tables and a large lounge chair.


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Volume 8 Promo

The DVDs have been formatted to play in all global regions.

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