6” diameters

Assorted woods

Constructed by inserting round plugs

Euclid Triangles

16” tall

Myrtlewood, English walnut, purpleheart, dyed veneers

A tricky assembly of mitered triangles.

Joys of Christmas

21” tall

Wenge and stone cabochons (malachite and carnelian)

This is an assembly of small cylinder components, tapered, and then joined with toothpick dowels.


15” diameter

Mostly English walnut

Six squares forming an orderly tangle. We are all shades of brown.


23” diameter

Wenge, canarywood, ebony, bloodwood, yellowheart, and pink ivory

Inspired by events on the US southern border (children being taken away from their mothers).

Orderly Tangles

66” diameter

Redwood and steel pipe

Three triangles, six squares, and twelve pentagons. These freely rotate upon the supporting steel pipe posts.


22” diameter

Bubinga, maple, mesquite, and walnut

 This “orderly” tangle is comprised of twelve pentagon-shaped rings. Inverting, mitering and reassembling five sections of “turned” hula-hoop shaped rings created the pentagon-shaped components.  The positioning of the pentagons corresponds to the faces of a dodecahedron.

Looking for Peace

22” diameter

Assorted woods

There is a peace sign hidden which can be found by looking downward from above.

Sierra Skies

23″ tall

Assorted woods

An example of “porthole” construction.