green and red studded segmented wood turning tube

Joys of Christmas

21” tall

Wenge and stone cabochons (malachite and carnelian)

This is an assembly of small cylinder components, tapered, and then joined with toothpick dowels.

Spherical Journey

15” diameter

 Yellowheart and wenge

Constructed from portions of compound-mitered, stave created bottomless bowls.

spherical segmented wood turning
humanity segmented wood turning


15” diameter

Mostly English walnut

Six squares forming an orderly tangle. We are all shades of brown.

Coming Together

24” diameter

 Maple, walnut, and others

The two colors, the dark and the light, come together towards the center.  No turning, just a lot of segmenting and carving.

segmented wood turning sculpture shaped like a ring
brown tiled hollow sphere created with segmented wood turning

Crooked Journey

14” diameter

Peruvian walnut, dyed veneer on a granite base

This is a five-sided endless tube. To successfully complete the loop, three different donut diameters were created, with different orientations of the pentagon surfaces.

Erosion of a Dream

15” diameter

Maple and dyed veneers on a granite base

Just trying to make a statement.

red white and blue crescent shaped segmented wood turning sculpture
blond wooden rings wrapped around a larger brown wooden ring


23” diameter

Wenge, canarywood, ebony, bloodwood, yellowheart, and pink ivory

Inspired by events on the US southern border (children being taken away from their mothers).

Orderly Tangles

66” diameter

Redwood and steel pipe

Three triangles, six squares, and twelve pentagons. These freely rotate upon the supporting steel pipe posts.

segmented wood turning art installations outside of a stone buildlng
cornered pieces of woods shaped into a sphere using segmented wood turning


22” diameter

Bubinga, maple, mesquite, and walnut

 This “orderly” tangle is comprised of twelve pentagon-shaped rings. Inverting, mitering and reassembling five sections of “turned” hula-hoop shaped rings created the pentagon-shaped components.  The positioning of the pentagons corresponds to the faces of a dodecahedron.

Quilter’s Delight

15” tall

Myrtlewood, maple, purpleheart, and ebony

This was a trade with a very skilled quilter, a friend. I picked the pattern from a quilting book and my wife picked the fabrics. It’s a beautiful quilt.

a patterned wooden vase on a patchwork quilt
blond wood in geometric patterns carved into a sphere using segmented wood turning

The Power of Seven

20” diameter

Ambrosia maple on a granite base

This is an endless seven-sided tube that forms a spherical shape. It’s made from ambrosia maple (insect-infested). Almost 700 rings, each with seven segments.

Thank You Mr. Snelson

12” diameter

 Maple and dyed veneers

The “Mr. Snelson” in the title refers to Kenneth Snelson, the inventor/discoverer of “tensegrity,” a technique of using opposing forces to hold components in place. The three-segmented loops are suspended by six loops of fishing line that are threaded through 24 locations (they don’t touch each other).

brightly colored painted pieces of wood twisted into a knot