two segmented wood turning rings interlocked


16” x 16”

Maple & ebony

Inspired by the election of Barack Obama.

Breaking Out

18” diameter

Dyed veneer and assorted

Inspired by the need for prison reform.

a circular metal cage filled with wooden balls
a round wooden vase made with segmented wood turning

Bourbon Street Blues

21” tall

Maple & ebony

Done as a donation to a benefit auction for victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Brain Candy

55” diameter

Redwood and cedar

Installed in a lobby of a local community college.

three interlocked wooden links
glass table with patterned wooden tube for legs

Coffee Table

18” tall

Assorted woods and glass

Construction is shown in my DVD #8

Coming Together

24” diameter

Maple, walnut, and others

The two colors, the dark and the light, come together towards the center.  No turning, just a lot of segmenting and carving.

segmented wood turning sculpture shaped like a ring
brown tiled hollow sphere created with segmented wood turning

Crooked Journey

14” diameter

Peruvian walnut, dyed veneer on a granite base

This is a five-sided endless tube. To successfully complete the loop, three different donut diameters were created, with different orientations of the pentagon surfaces.


20” diameter

Maple, ebony, walnut, yellowheart, bloodwood

Making a statement using the five colors of man.

three segmented wood turning links interlocked
a segmented wood turning patterned wooden circle mounted on a black pedestal


21” diameter

Myrtlewood and ebony

Made from 1215 pieces of wood, the date the Magna Carta was written.

Erosion of a Dream

15” diameter

Maple and dyed veneers on a granite base

Just trying to make a statement.

red white and blue crescent shaped segmented wood turning sculpture
brown and white striped wooden rope


36” tall

European beech, red batu, pau ferro, maple burl

This is a wall hanging requiring many tapered rings. The pushpin appears to penetrate the wall.

Family Legacy

15” diameter

Maple, pink ivory, ebony, English walnut, Brazilain tulipwood, black walnut, and purpleheart

This was a commission.  Each triangle represents a sibling and the black walnut and purpleheart represent the dad and mom.

segmented wood turning sculpture outside in a yard

Float Loops

60” diameter


First outdoor sculpture, partially done as a test of Titebond III glue. So far, it has survived three Tahoe winters, under snow much of the time. Small steel cables hold the tubes in an arrangement called tensegrity.

Footprints of a Twister

13” diameter

Assorted woods

This piece was done as a tribute to the victims of the 2011 tornados that produced so much heartache in the Midwest and Southeast US. Proceeds benefited the Red Cross.

patterned segmented wood turning ring mounted vertically
segmented wood turning horn instrument

Gabriel’s Dilemma

18” tall

Kingwood, Brazilian tulipwood, Gabon ebony

All surface were lathe shaped before assembly. The title refers to the teaching that the archangel Gabriel will blow a horn to announce Judgment Day.

Galactic Journey

22” diameter

Assorted woods

Created from six interlocked pentagon-shaped rings. Each large ring is comprised of five outside curves and five inside curves. Each of the large rings is comprised of 2160 pieces, the equivalent of an age of the Zodiac.

multiple segmented wood turning tubes woven together
many segmented wood turning rings stacked together and braided into a standing ring

Gift of Gordius

33” diameter

Assorted woods

9,900 pieces forming individually created tapered rings. Inspired by the story of the Gordian Knot.

Global Spring

21” tall

Maple and others with a black granite base

Inspired by worldwide tension. 16,384 pieces, a noteworthy number in the history of computing.

a segmented wood turning tube twisted into a spiral ring and mounted
a wooden cornucopia mounted on a wooden block


28” tall

Myrtlewood and ebony

Created from individually created tapered rings.


37” tall

Canarywood, purpleheart, and others on a granite base.

Seven-sided mobius torus. A crosscut of the donut reveals a seven-pointed star (a heptagram), a traditional symbol for warding off evil. Most American sheriff badges are seven pointed stars.

segmented wood turning wooden ring with pink trim
cylinder vase made with segmented wood turning ribbons

Head Games

18” tall

Curly maple, canarywood, and Texas ebony

Created from individually turned cylinders. The pierced designs are good luck symbols.


16” diameter donuts

Curly maple and walnut

A statement about racial equality.

interlocking wooden links made with segmented wood turning
patterned segmented wood turning tubes tied in a knot

Martin’s Dream

36” wide

Ebony & birdseye maple

Inspired by Martin Luther King’s, “I have a dream” speech.

No Place Like Home

10” diameter

Yellowheart, Macassar ebony, dyed veneer

It’s an endless three-sided tube. Homage to one of the greatest movies of all time, the “Wizard of Oz.”

black and yellow wooden tube
twisted segmented wood turning tube mounted on a black pedestal


20” tall

Carob with a black granite base

Constructed from components of three individually turned donuts.

The Power of Seven

20” diameter

Ambrosia maple on a granite base

This is an endless seven-sided tube that forms a spherical shape. It’s made from ambrosia maple (insect-infested). Almost 700 rings, each with seven segments.

blond wood in geometric patterns carved into a sphere using segmented wood turning
multicolored segmented wood turning tube twisted into a figure eight


26” tall

Macassar ebony & lyptus on a granite base

Constructed from components of two donuts cut into eight quarter sections and then reassembled. In many Chinese communities, eight is considered the most fortuitous of numbers.


24” diameter

Continuous triangular tube with “open” segments

multi colored segmented wood turning links interlocked with eachother

Smile on Your Brother

13” donuts

Assorted woods

Inspired by the song, “Get Together.” Construction started by turning 500 small cylinders that were then cut apart and joined together to form the curly rings. The tapered rings are held to each other with tiny dowel pins.

4% Solution

14” tall

Mesquite assorted woods

This is an “orderly tangle” (my first tangle). Inspired by a Tom Hank’s commencement address.

segmented wood turning tubes twisted into a sculpture
two patterned segmented wood turning tubes interlocked

Split Personality

6” donuts

Assorted woods and dyed veneers

Just an example of using tapered rings.

Stronger Together

6” donuts

Assorted woods

The five colors of man are represented. Inspired by the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign slogan.

segmented wood turning links woven into a chainlink circle
brightly colored painted pieces of wood twisted into a knot

Thank You Mr. Snelson

12” diameter

Maple and dyed veneers

The “Mr. Snelson” in the title refers to Kenneth Snelson, the inventor/discoverer of “tensegrity,” a technique of using opposing forces to hold components in place. The three-segmented loops are suspended by six loops of fishing line that are threaded through 24 locations (they don’t touch each other).

Porous Torus

20” diameter

maple and mesquite

An example of “open” segmenting

geometric segmented wood turning sphere

Tribute to Collin

11” diameter

Pernambuco, ebony, and dyed veneer on a granite base

This is a three-side endless tube. An English wood carver, Collin Roberts, first developed the shape.

Unbroken Circle

13” diameter

Maple, Texas ebony, bloodwood, and mesquite

The number 13 is well represented: there are 13 sets of rings, the spiral makes 13 revolutions before joining back to itself, along with the 13” diameter and the 13-degrees of tilt. For early Egyptians, 13 was considered their lucky number. Eternal life (immortality) was associated with the thirteenth step.

patterned segmented wood turning tube shaped into a circle
patterned segmented wood turning circle mounted vertically


25” diameter

Woods from five continents

A five-revolution mobius-style torus with very little turning involved. The crosscut displays a pentagram. There is a lot of symbolism with the number five.

Using Less

31” tall

Curly maple, holly, Brazilian ebony, blue mahoe, and birdseye maple

The tube is hollow and contains a string of LED lights; the holly glows in a dark room.

segmented wood turning sculpture of a lightbulb
segmented wood turning ribbon with plastic cars on it

Wheels on the Bus

34” wide

Myrtlewood and mesquite on a granite base

Inspired by a nursery song and the 2010 mid-term election resulting almost total inaction by the US Congress.

Close up image of Wheels on the Bus