35” tall

Tulipwood and ebonyInspired by, “A Man Adrift on a Slim Spar,” a poem by Stephen Crane (first lines):

A man adrift on a slim spar
A horizon smaller than the rim of a bottle.
Tented waves rearing lashy dark points
The near whine of forth in circles.
God is cold.

African Adventure

15” tall

Carob, birdseye maple, redheart

This is a thin-walled vessel with pierced carvings.

Banksia Pod Vessels

11” tall

Maple, ebony and banksia pod material

Banksia pod is a very difficult material, but provides a lot of interest.

Best Friends

22” tall

English walnut, pink ivory, and others

Inspired by the song lyrics, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

Bowls from Boards

Largest about 7”

Mostly dyed veneers

This shows some of the many effects that can be achieved with laminated material.

For the Boy King

41” tall

Flamewood, bloodwood, maple, and ebony

Inspired by the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Bracelet Box

3 .5” tall

Gabon ebony, holly, and Banksia pod

This was done as part of an article written by my friend Linda Ferber. She gets the credit for the concept of creating a box that doubles as a storage/display item. The article can be founding the Dec 2010 issue of American Woodturner.

Broken Spirits

32” tall

Argentinean mesquite and many others

The faces are mosaic designs, embedded into the segments, which were turned prior to assembly. This vessel is featured on the cover of my book, “The Art of Segmented Woodturning.”

Close up of Broken Spirits

For the Kids

11” tall

Blue mahoe and many others

Donated to a fund raiser for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates).


17” tall

Myrtlewood, canarywood, and ebony

A celebration of life using an egg shape. Very thin wall thickness to allow the pierced designs.


6” diameters

Assorted woods

Constructed by inserting round plugs

Checkered Hollow Forms

6” tallest

Maple and walnut

Done as a commission for a business executive needed gifts to take to Japan.

Sierra Neighbors

19” tall

Redwood, Douglas fir, carob, and dyed veneer

The animal tracks are burnt.

Close up of Sierra Neighbors

For Andy

11” tall

Holly and many others

This was a graduation gift for my son, an engineer, artist, welder, and machinist. The feature ring designs are welding blueprint symbols.

Have a Heart

12” tall

Caretto, blue mahoe, maple, ebony, purpleheart, and bloodwood

Another donation for a CASA fund raiser.

Hearts of Light

38” tall

Mesquite and many others

Features heart-shaped portholes.

Close up of Hearts of Light

John’s Turning

13” diameter

Bubinga, bloodwood, ebony, and holly

From chapter seven in my book, “The Art of Segmented Woodturning.”

Laminated Vessels

9” tallest

Assorted woods

Done as part of a magazine article.

Mardi Gras Vessel

9” tall

Maple and dyed veneers

This related to the “bowl from a board” technique.

Men in the Shadows

14” tall

Curly maple, Texas ebony, and Gabon ebony

The Jackson Browne song, “Lives in the Balance”, inspired this piece, specifically these lyrics:

“I want to know who the men in the shadows are
I want to hear somebody asking them why”

Close up of Men in the Shadows

Oval Bowl

17” wide

Mesquite, ebony, yellowheart pink ivory, rosewood

This is a single deep bowl, cut into halves, and rejoined at their top rims.

Ovals in the Woods

17” tall

Maple and dyed veneers

An example of “lamination trickery”

Vessel with Ovals

9” tall

Mesquite, ebony, and maple

An example of lamination trickery.

Portals of Life

16” tall

Carob, maple, and ebony

This was a collaboration with Michael Murillo, a very accomplished painter and donated to an auction to support a local college scholarship fund. The inspiration was the song by Joni Mitchell, “The Circle Game.”

Quilter’s Delight

15” tall

Myrtlewood, maple, purpleheart, and ebony

This was a trade with a very skilled quilter, a friend. I picked the pattern from a quilting book and my wife picked the fabrics. It’s a beautiful quilt.

Ribbed Maple

8” tall

Maple, ziricote, dyed veneer

This is stave-constructed and the staves were shaped on the lathe before assembly. The technique is shown in my DVD #3.

Seggy’s Dream

9” tall

Brazilian tulipwood, bloodwood, ebony, and pink ivory

This was done as a college video editing class assignment. The vessel was a donation to the American Cancer Society.

Squished Vessels

8” tallest

Assorted woods

An example of lamination trickery and the reassembly of band saw cut layers. The rings were individually shaped before final assembly.

Sticks and Stones

18” tall

Myrtlewood, walnut, maple, and stone

Porthole windows with malachite and jasper stone cabochons


9” tall

Spalted maple and walnut

An example of wood coloration caused by fungi.

Talking with Wood

16” diameter

Holly, ebony, and many others

Many techniques were used.

If Trees Could Talk

15” diameter

Horse Chestnut planted by George Washington, cherry from his boyhood home, walnut from his whiskey distillery, and sycamore from his grist mill.

Woodburnings by Don Worden

Close up of George Washington

Midnight Snow

16” tall

Gabon ebony and holly

This was done to commemorate the 25th anniversary of a miracle snowstorm that saved Heavenly Ski Resort (my employer) from financial ruin. It was donated to a fund raising auction and generated $50,000.

See the newspaper article here.