Alice’s Garden

34” tall

Assorted woods

This was part of a series of turnings that had a very loose connection to

“Alice in Wonderland.”


Assorted woods and malachite cabochons

These were done during the production of my DVD #7.

Barbells for a Princess

4” diameters

Birdseye maple, ebony, and pink ivory

The spheres are truncated isosahedrons (hexagons and pentagons). Guess who the princess is?

Bucky was Right

24” tall

Brazilian tulipwood, maple, ebony, purpleheart

A tribute to Buckminster Fuller, one of the greatest visionaries of the 20th century.

Ico Candle Holders

4” diameters

Gabon ebony and holly

An example of polyhedron construction.

Papasan Chair

47” diameter

Assorted woods

The making is profiled in my DVD #8.

Connections with Satellite Boxes

23” diameter

Assorted woods

This is a tangle of four tetrahedrons surrounding an icosahedron, with protruding spindles that hold twelve dodecahedron based spheres (a mouthful).


29” tall

Assorted woods

By sheer coincidence, the total number of pieces of wood, not counting the boxes, is 2001, a reference to the movie, “A Space Odyssey.” The boxes are variations of icosahedrons.


34” tall

Mostly curly maple

This wall hanging (three views) is a tribute to the great Jackie Robinson. All the text is pierced through the bat wall and tells his story.

Cryptex Boxes

9” tall

Assorted woods

Inspired by the movie, “The Da Vinci Code.” The making is profiled in my DVD #6.


13” diameter

Gabon ebony and holly

Inspired by the launch of a Saturn Five rocket taking the rover, “Curiosity” to Mars. The rings were tapered using a drum sander.

Deception on the Cocobolo

42” diameter

Assorted woods.

Swivel seats and hidden drawers for storage of the playing pieces.

Malcolm’s Deck

900’ in diameter

Over 1M pounds of welded steel supported by 138 concrete footings

I jokingly refer to this as my largest turning. It is circular and segmented as it wraps around a mountain peak. It was my last big project at Heavenly Ski Resort. The then owner christened it, “Malcolm’s Deck.” I guess he liked my efforts.

Picture Frames

12” largest

Assorted woods

The making is profiled in my DVD #4. Those are grandsons.

Handle with Care

17” tall

Birdseye maple, dyed veneer, ebony

A small statement about how we should treat our planet. It’s fragile just as our home.


18” tall

Assorted woods and Lego people

The globe has a vortex displaying numerous people types.

The Juggler

36” tall

Assorted woods

The center is an icosahedron style sphere. The top sphere is a lidded container with a multi-generation feature ring.

Lamination Trickery Lamp

14” tall base

Holly, maple, and dyed veneer

This is stave-constructed with laminated material. The checkered design results from the shape that was turned (revealing hidden layers).

Myrtle Moons

39” tall

Flamewood, Myrtlewood, and others

This is an early example of using tapered rings. Most elements rotate.

No Bread with One Meatball

23” tall

Curly maple, walnut, and ebony

Inspired by the old folk song, “One Meatball.” There is a single meatball inside the bottom bowl.

Oil Lamp

5” tall base

Purpleheart, yellowheart, dyed veneer

Another example of lamination trickery. Construction is shown in my DVD #4.

Pill Power

17” tall

Assorted woods

The pharmaceutical industry has created drugs that have saved countless lives and they deserve to make a healthy profit. Unfortunately, countless people, who are unable to afford those drugs, die everyday. In just one year, the top eleven drug companies made a profit of over 85 billion dollars and top CEO’s have received annual compensations of over 40 million dollars. Each of the 85 pills represents a billion dollars of profit.

E Pluribus Unum

24” diameter

Holly and dyed veneers

“Out of many, one.” This was mostly router work, with very little turning.

And the Painted Ponies Go Up and Down

15” tall

Ebony, walnut, and maple

Inspired by the Joni Mitchell song, “The Circle Game.”

Rocky Road Ahead

20” tall

Curly maple, holly, and others

The drip continues.

Secret Boxes

2.5” diameters

Maple, ebony and assorted dyed pen blanks

These were done as part of my DVD #6. Legendary English turner, Allan Batty, passed the style on to me.

Sports Bowls

Actual ball sizes

Assorted woods

I love to title my work. These are a Footbowl, a Soccer Bowl, and a Bowl ‘n Ball.

Throne for a Grandson

22” x 22”

Myrtlewood, walnut, form and cloth

Tower of Life

5’ tall

Maple, ebony, yellowheart, bloodwood, and mesquite

The notion of twenty-three pairs of chromosomes played a part in the design. In the tower there are 500 assemblies of three stacked rings of 15 segments (22,500 pieces) plus the 500 connecting dowels totals 23 thousand. Additionally each assembly of three layers totals 45 plus the one connecting dowel equals 23 pair.

Christmas Ornaments

2.5” diameters

Holly and dyed veneers

The insides are turned thin to reduce weight.

A Woodturner’s Dream

35’ tall

Redwood, steel pipe, and one piece of pink ivory

A 2016 Burning Man project with 31,000 pieces of wood.